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Lead Staff

Becky Gooding
Owner/Culinary Artisan

Deryk Gooding
Owner/Culinary Artisan


We put love in our food and it comes back to us!

What We Do
At El Faro, we create 100% gluten-free, naturally hand-crafted fusion cuisine. We believe that good food heals the body as well as the soul. All our dishes are vibrant, delicious, fresh and fun and made with locally sourced, organic and sustainable ingredients.

We Love Raw Food!
Wherever possible, we serve raw and uncooked dishes, not just for the health benefits but also for flavour and freshness! Simply put, raw food carries all of the excellent advantages of good food with none of the disadvantages. Our ‘Bliss Bowl’ is to die for and everything we prepare for you will delight your senses and inspire passion, health and vitality!

The Healing Power of Food
We believe in the healing power of food and that serving healthy, nutritious food is good for the whole body and the mind too. We have seen many examples of friends and family members who have been brought back from illness to wellness by the healing power of nutritious food.

Getting back to health through food.
We realized that if we could heal ourselves and get well with nutritious and healthy dishes, we could heal you too.  



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